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We perfect the customer journey through omnichannel marketing

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We have been fortunate to have helped 90+ businesses to date. On this occasion, we have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, business owners, and gained valuable experience from the projects we have been doing.

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70 000 000+ NOK

Results are the most important aspect we focus on, and so far, we have been fortunate to contribute to generating several million in revenue (NOK) for other businesses through our services.


2500+ VIDEOS

Johanne has created over 2500+ advertising videos for clients, gaining valuable experience in producing converting ad videos and content that sparks interest in products and brands.

The power of UGC

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Boost sales with Newsletters

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We help you with

Paid advertising

Become visible and establish a revenue stream through ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat

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Nurture warm and interested customers while creating a revenue stream

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Creating content

We have made over 2500+ ad videos with a focus on generating engagement and conversions

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Vi hos White Diamond Media er lidenskapelig opptatt av å skape verdi for deg. Med våre spesialtilpassede tjenester og ekspertise innen bildeannonser og markedsføring, er vi dedikert til å hjelpe deg med å oppnå dine mål. Vår fremste prioritet er å levere løsninger som gir deg konkrete og målbare resultater. Velg oss som din partner, og la oss sammen oppnå verdifulle suksesser.

The story behind White Diamond Media

For a diamond to shine, it must go through high pressure, a lot of heat and polishing. Starting and running a business can be related to the creation of a diamond. Our job is to ensure that your diamond shines, through polishing. We do this through marketing and guidance on the journey.

Are you the next shining diamond?

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We work daily to produce and deliver results for our clients, aiming to provide them as quickly as possible. Don't wait weeks, months, and years for services and results.


We tailor our marketing services to your online store, ensuring you get the most out of your marketing efforts. We provide recommendations on what we believe is crucial for you to focus on in the stage you are in.

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Results are our top priority, and so far, we've been fortunate to contribute to generating several million in revenue (NOK) for other businesses through our services.

Some of our fantastic clients

Since early 2021, we have been lucky enough to help 100+ companies with marketing

See if you are ready for growth

Here you can book a call with Johanne to see if your business is ready for growth. You will also get more information about our services, and how we can help you.

3 Steps to Marketing Success

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1. Report interest

If you need assistance with marketing, feel free to contact us.

You can easily express your interest by filling out the contact form here or on email post@whitediamondmedia.no. We look forward to hear from you!

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2. Map-meeting

Once we've scheduled a video meeting, we'll determine if you and your business are a good fit for our marketing services. We aim to assist businesses that we believe in and that are motivated to embrace the response that marketing generates.

If you're a suitable candidate, we'll present a pricing offer and a marketing plan.

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3. Win-Win

Our goal is to establish a mutually beneficial partnership for lasting success. We prioritize delivering a high return on investment (ROI) and structure our payment based on the results achieved. This ensures our shared interests and long-term success. We are committed to creating a sustainable partnership with you.


Prøv ut alle tjenester til halvpris i 30 dager, helt uten bindingstid eller andre forpliktelser. I løpet av de 30 dagene måler vi resultatene, og ser om dette kan være et verdifult samarbeid som kan vare lenge, eller om vi kan bli et godt bekjentskap.

Meld interesse

Meld interesse

Rask Levering

White Diamond Media sørger for rask levering av tjenester slik at du kan se resultater. Ikke vent måneder, og år for å se avkastning på investeringene dine.

35 000 000+ NOK 

I løpet av start siden 2021, har vi generert 35 000 000+ NOK for våre klienter, og vi ønsker at flere skal få gleden av vekst.

Ingen bindingstid

VI lever av våre resultater. Derfor sørger vi for at man kan avslutte på dagen om man ønsker. Vi satser kun på markedsføring som faktisk fungerer.

Frequently asked questions

See all the opportunities for growth

Paid ads

Nurture warm and interested customers while creating a revenue stream

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Nurture warm and interested customers while creating a revenue stream

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Content creation

Receive high-quality content that converts and strengthens your brand. We assist with photos, videos, graphic design, and text.

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Stay updated on marketing tricks. Don't miss out on valuable knowledge that can strengthen your business.

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